Entry #1


2013-12-10 16:43:50 by titomungy

Well hello there your looking lovely today, wont to spend some time looking through my profile and checking out my shizz. 


Im the artist for Caper Republic, a flash game dev collective. We have our first ever game out now, its called Bedlam - go play and let us know what you think. its been a long process making a simple, short and random flash game, but its our first go and we have learnt a million lessons along the way. 

Please take a look at my art and play our game, let us know what you think. If you can be bothered then have a look at our website and read our blogs. We are decumenting the learning process to see how we develope and hopefully watch ourselfs get better at making games and we will be updating the website with blogs, games and art. 




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