Entry #2


2014-04-23 12:52:28 by titomungy

Next step in the learning process is learning Adobe Flash animation. I wanted to make a cartoon as a learning project so I started off with a simple little doodle thing that I made in Adobe Illustrator a while ago to learn a few techniques. 

I didnt really obsess with learning the different techniques in detail as i wanted to try a load of tricks to see how they work. I usually find that its best to experiment with Adobe programs and find ways of doing things that you are most comfortable. I will focus on important gaming animations like walk cycles in future animations. I now know I have a working knowledge in Flash so game development should move along a bit quicker for the next game. 

One big lesson i learnt making this animation is that i should start off by making shorter movies. This animation took me ages as i really bit off more than i could chew. I also stumbled across many of flashes annoying qwerks while working with a largish file. Next time i will split the files up and have different scenes in different files stitched together with a video editor.




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